Joanna Mierzwa comes from Poland to the final of the French Throwdown ! I met her last summer in Krakow and she’s now trainer at CrossFit Mjollnir (Wroclaw). : What’s your background in sports, and how did you discover CrossFit ?

I started to do sports when I was in primary school by playing soccer with my colleagues from school. At the age of 10 I began training handball and played in school team until I was 15. In high school I did more swimming, some volleyball, and had a ‘romance’ with capoeira  With my partner I did a lot of trekking trips in polish mountains and spend 2 holidays in the Alps, climbing some nice peaks. Mountains and rock climbing is definitely something that I love.

I discovered CrossFit thanks to my friend, Lucyna Kiszczak (crossfit trainer level 1), who showed me this fantastic sport. I really love Crossfit as this is connecting kind of military training with great atmosphere and lovely community. : What did you think of the French Throwdown qualifiers ?

I really liked the WODs, because each of them was very interesting. I did not find any of them particularly hard, but they were a very nice combination of different exercises. My favorite was the second one, because I just love weight lifting. Speaking of qualifiers I would like to add that I find knee to elbow as rather hard to judge and verify (not only on the video) so I would replace this one with toes to bar. : How do you train for the finale in Paris, on June 15th & 16th ?

I didn’t do any specific training for the finale, even when I got invitation to Paris. I’m just doing my usual training. I had no idea if I will manage to qualify at all, but this was a good motivation for a little harder training. I just keep working on improving strength and training my weaknesses. : Thank you very much !