Vincent Krijnberg is training at Welfitcoach – Crosstraining. He was 28th after the qualifications. Meet an athlete with a strong background in sports and caoching. : What’s your background in sports, and how did you discover CrossFit ?

I played national and international Judo until 2008, and some Rugby until 2012. I have my Bachelor degree in Sport & Education. I discovered Crossfit on the web, and my first introduction to Crossfit was a workout from the mainsite. I got my Level 1 Certification december 2011, and opened up a gym last december 2012, we can’t afford the affiliation fee yet but will affiliate as soon as we van afford it. I currently work at my own gym, I’m a teacher Physical Education and Strength & Conditioning trainer of the Ducth National XV ladies rugby team. : What did you think of the French Throwdown qualifiers ?

WOD 1, was the workout I was waiting for. The most bodyweight exercises are on my list of favorites. I did the workout twice because I knew I would do better the second time, and hit it hard. The Strength WOD, was very hard and my intentions where to keep the damage as small as possible, I hit some PR’s so I was very satisfied. After WOD 2 my overall standing was 35e.

I knew that only a high ranking on WOD 3 would get met to the Throwdown. The last week of the qualifications where the hardest because I was also competing for the Central Manchester Crossfit Games, and I did 5 qualification WOD’s that week! I was very confident about WOD 3 because Double Unders are also on the list of favorites. I finished 28e after three WOD’s and qualified for the French Throwdown, I was very satisfied with the qualification for the Throwdown, because I know it wasn’t my best week. : How do you train for the finale in Paris, on June 15th & 16th ?

Normally I do multiple workouts on a day, the last week before the Throwdown is specific preparation, allot of skill training and hitting WOD 1 & 3. And I hope to sets a new PR on WOD 2 at the Throwdown. My goal is getting in to the Final day, so lets put the WOD’s to the test!

See you in Paris ! : Thanks !!

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