If you watched the European Regionals, you probably know Marianna Tzourtzek, from Reebok CrossFit Thess Niki. She finished in 10th position ! At the French Throwdown qualification, she was… first !! Be sure to look at her during the events this week-end : she’s surely one of the best athletes competing at the French Throwdown ! : What’s your background in sports, and how did you discover CrossFit ?

Marianna2I used to be gymnast for several years in young age ! I found out CrossFit in 2008 when i was searching for something that could keep me motivated and active ! : What did you think of the French Throwdown qualified athletes ?

I know few of them and i am looking forward to see them all in action! : How do you train for the finale in Paris, on June 15th & 16th ?

I just came back from European Regionals and i have to say that my training has been more in cardio and technique parts.

It will be an awesome event and i am very excited to take part ! : Thank you very much !