New athlete to discover before the finale of the French Throwdown : Joris Trooster, from CrossFit Twente, qualified in the Masters Category. Joris is a former National Champion in rowing, and even participated to Sydney Olympic Games ! 

SportisEverywhere.com : What’s your background in sports, and how did you discover CrossFit ?

I have been a rower since I was 10 years old. In the years 1990 to 2000 I was 7 times National Champion in various boat types. I went to the world championship rowing in 1994 (LM4x- lightweight quadrupple sculls), 1995 (LM1x lightweight single), 1998 (LM4- Lightweight coxless four) and 1999 (LM4- Lightweight coxless four). In 2000 I rowed at the Sydney Olympic Games in the lightweight coxless four where we finished at 8th place.

I was a lightweight rower, with a race weight of 71kg. It was a real struggle to get to that weight, my normal off season weight was about 76 kg, with already a very low fat-percentage. I am not missing the weight-loss days! I am happy I can eat now.

After the Olympics I stopped doing any sport, and spend all my time working at my own company in the information technology. I gained a lot of weight, and 10 years later, beginning 2010, I was almost 90 kg, fat and unfit. I decided it was enough and I talked to Jan van Delden, the owner of CrossFit Twente. I know him because he is a rowing coach at the University Rowing Club. He started CrossFit Twente in 2009.

In march 2010 on a Saturday morning I joined my first CrossFit class. Although Jan told me to take it easy, my competitive nature decided otherwise. Monday I had to call the office that I couldn’t make it to work. I couldn’t get out of my bed, I couldn’t walk and I certainly couldn’t get into my car. Massive muscle pain. I loved it, that was what I wanted to do. I started with two times a week, a few weeks later three times, then four times a week, and after two month I was training every day. After a year my weight was back to 78 kilo, and then started to increase to about 86 kg now. I gained a lot of muscles and fitness since I started CrossFit!

SIE.com : What did you think of the French Throwdown qualifiers ?

WOD 1, the 7 minute AMRAP was not a workout for me because of the toes to bars. Those are not on my list of favorite exercices. I tried to give it all and hope for better on the second and third WOD. I enjoyed the strength WOD. I did WOD1 at the end of the first week on saturday, and WOD2 immediately when it was released on sunday morning. The week before I had 984129_609862389026631_1727877752_nlowered my training intensity, so I was feeling fit the whole weekend. I didn’t PR on the lifts, but all were very close to my personal bests. Because I did both workouts in one weekend I had two weeks to prepare for WOD 3. I was close to the 20th place for qualification, so I had to excel at WOD 3. I was very confident about WOD 3 when it was released. However the Double Unders gave me a lot of trouble after the 40 Wall Balls. Because I really wanted to qualify I tried it a second time a few hours later. I got a lot more Double Unders, but they were still not like I wanted them to be! I finished 23rd after three WODs, and I was surprised I got an invitation for the final.

SIE.com : How do you train for the finale in Paris, on June 15th & 16th ?

I train like normal (once a day) until one week before, then I lower my volume and intensity of the workouts. I reviewed all the (announced) exercises to make sure I know the standards. I always do American Kettlebell swings, so I worked on the Russian Kettlebell swing to get my technique right. I did WOD 1, but replaced the wall balls by Russian Kettlebell swings to test them in a workout. I also practiced WOD 2, just to know what it feels like to lift every 45 seconds, so it doesn’t come as a surprise at the French Throwdown.

I qualified as one of the last persons in the Masters category, so my goal is to do better in the final and finish a few places higher ! I look forward to see old friends and make new friends this weekend !

Can we have some rowing in the final ?

SIE.com : Thank you, Joris !

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