CrossFitGames2013Next weeks and months, all the CrossFit community will be talking about CrossFit. The CrossFit Games Open start March 6, for 5 weeks. There will be the Regionals in May and June. And the Finals in July ! 

At the same time, be sure that there will be a lot of CrossFit events organized by CrossFit Affiliates, during springtime, as it is in Belgium and France.

It means that a lot of people will share contents about CrossFit on social media : they will share their score or time on the Open workouts, share pictures of whiteboards from all over the world, proudly communicate their passion for CrossFit to their friends, followers, circles… You know that you’re going to do it 😉

… BUT not everybody knows what’s CrossFit. So : why not just tell them about CrossFit, with a video AND your own words ? That’s probably the best way to promote CrossFit : share your results, your progress, your passion. 

At Reebok CrossFit Brussels and CrossFit 1815, we think that the video “Let Me Tell You About CrossFit” is a great video, published by HQ, and showing what happens in every CrossFit box. You just have to share it, with that link :

You train at an affiliate ? Add a link to your favorite box to tell your friends where they can go to discover CrossFit !

If you share it on Twitter, please use the hashtag #aboutCrossFit

Example :


But you can also share it on Facebook, Google + or any social media ! A lot of people in France and Belgium already did it these days 😉 Thanks !!