This sunday, CrossFit Antwerpen was celebrating their first year anniversary with a workout where they invited all Belgian and Dutch affiliates and CrossFitters !

A lot of fun, effort and sense of community 😉 There was people for CrossFit Antwerpen, CrossFit Leuven, CrossFit Nato, CrossFit Brussels, CrossFit Holland,…

The workout was a team workout (4 people) :

For time : 

  • 250 pull-ups
  • 250 push-ups
  • 250 squats
  • 250 sit-ups

Our team was Arben, Sango, William and me (Yves), all from CrossFit Brussels. And we finished first !!! 😉

I really hope that there will be a lot of other events like that. Thanks for that day ! Here is some pics…