Here is a short presentation of the “Brussels Fittest Games” in English

The Brussels Fittest Games will be held at CrossFit Brussels (Rue du Bourdon, 100. 1080 Uccle), Saturday March 5, 2011.

Schedule :

  • 9.00 am : Opening (athletes must be there at 9.00 am)
  • 9.30 am : The rules, the movement standards, …
  • 10.00 am : First WOD
  • 1.00 pm : Second WOD
  • 4.00 pm : Third WOD

The first WOD will determine who’s gonna be in “Elite” or “Intermediate” divisions for the second and the third WODs.

There will be a judge for every athlete.

Fee : 20 €, the day of the competition (and you will receive an original t-shirt of the “Brussels Fittest Games”)

For a complete presentation of the Brussels Fittest Games, in french: check here

For more information, feel free to ask me (0496/42.21.92 or