The Barefoot Running Book is a concise collection of advice to help new and experienced runners make the transition to barefoot or minimalist shoe running. More runners are shedding their heavy, overly-cushioned shoes in favor of their bare feet or lightweight minimalist shoes such as the Vibram Five Fingers or Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot EVO. These options allow us to run with better form, thus reducing injury and allowing for a more enjoyable running experience. Jason uses a combination of research, collaboration, and his own experiences to bring you the latest best-known methods for making a safe, enjoyable transition to barefoot or minimalist shoe running. Topics covered include the theory behind barefoot running, a brief review of the research supporting barefoot running, the essential elements of barefoot running form, a collection of useful drills, a plan to make a safe transition to barefoot running, common injury issues and concerns, frequently asked questions, and a listing of barefoot running resources.