Running barefoot kicks up mixed emotions
Dispute over muscle freedom
By Anica Wong
The Denver Post

Running barefoot kicks up mixed emotions. Dispute over muscle freedom (By Anica Wong)

Une article du Denver Post qui fait le point sur la course pieds nus. Les avantages et les risques.

Barefoot running allows muscles to strengthen and work in different ways than they are familiar with while in shoes, Waerlop said. Runners experience a more natural stride when they are barefoot, he said. When in training shoes, runners are more likely to land on their heel before rocking through to the toes, he believes. Without shoes, the forefront of the foot takes the brunt of the force, but then the calf muscle gently lowers the heel, creating a softer stride.

“When you take away the feeling of the impact of your feet hitting the ground, you end up putting much more impact into your body than if you felt it and adjusted your stride,” said Barefoot Ted, perhaps the most well-known barefoot running enthusiast. He lives in Washington and has spread the gospel of barefoot running for five years.

Rien de fondamentalement nouveau pour celles et ceux intéressés par la course pieds nus, mais ça vaut toujours la peine de ré-enfoncer le clou: la course pieds nus permet d’adopter une foulée plus naturelle, en posant l’avant du pied en premier. La foulée est moins lourde, ce qui réduit le risque de blessures. L’article propose également un schéma intéressant des bienfaits du “barefoot running” sur les muscles, les tendons et les ligaments.

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