5 rounds, max reps per exercise for 1 minute, then 30 sec rest

– Thrusters 95
– Pull ups
– Box jumps

Notes: Do 1 minute max thrusters, 30 sec rest, then 1 minute max pull-up, then 30 second rest, then 1 minute max box jumps, 30 second rest, and repeat 4 more times. Keep a running count for each round, and try to beat the previous round by at least one rep.

Courtesy of US Affiliate navyseals.com

Thanks to Crossfit  Canberra for this WOD ! Feel free to check their page for great WOD’s and articles about crossfit…

Thrusters : 13-10-12-10-8

Pull-ups : 25-20-22-18-21

Box jumps : 21-21-22-20-24